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I am dedicated to supporting women’s healing after their perinatal experiences, utilising techniques that harness our body’s own wisdom and ability to heal.

kelly thistlethwaite motherhood coach

be held, seen & heard

Kelly Thistlethwaite

Matrescence coach, accredited MAMA Rising ™ trainer, trauma informed yoga and breathwork instructor.

trauma informed healing

My healing methods

My healing methods are trauma informed. This means that I understand the toll that high levels of stress and trauma can place on the body and nervous system. It means I am able to identify the signs and symptoms of high level stress and trauma. I understand the impact that your experiences have had on you. I understand how and why the way you think, act and feel has been impacted by your trauma. And, more importantly, I can listen, I can make you feel safe and understood and I can guide you through your healing journey.

I offer both one-to-one support (online or in person at my studio in Holmfirth) and group work (on my online membership platform.)

I cant wait to meet you: sending lots of love and support in the meantime.

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i can support you with..

….amongst other things:

  • Birth Trauma
  • Postnatal depression
  • Perinatal Loss and Trauma
  • Maternal Overwhelm
  • Pregnancy After Loss
  • Maternal Anxiety
  • Fertility Struggles

Trauma is a powerful word. In the context of my work it could stem from difficult birth, from pregnancy or babyloss, from fertility struggles and from the realities of motherhood.

Emotional manifestations of these traumas could, for example, include post-natal depression, heightened anxiety during pregnancy, heightened anxiety around subsequent births and maternal overwhelm.

Physical manifestations could include adrenal fatigue , digestive disorders and headaches.

I would be privileged to help you to heal.

Hi there

I’m Kelly

I’m a Yorkshire lass, married with a beautiful daughter Lily-May, 3 years old and another on the way.

I am a specialist trauma informed and Pre & Postnatal Yoga and Breath Work InstructorI am also trained to incorporate Somatic and Nervous System Regulation methods in my healing sessions.

As a Matrescence Coach and Mama Rising™ facilitator, I am honoured to support women through one of the biggest transformations and shifts In identify they will ever experience- becoming a mother.

Since becoming a Mother myself I have experienced birth trauma first hand and felt the effects physically, emotionally and mentally.

I was never officially diagnosed with anxiety, post natal depression and post traumatic stress but did experience them. For me, my healing began when my little girl started nursery and I had the regular time, rest and space to identify just how much I had struggled.

I have also experienced a missed miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy and felt the devastating sadness and grief following our loss.

All of the techniques that I use support Women have helped me navigate my own traumatic experiences and I love to share them.

kelly thistlethwaite trauma informed yoga

a whole identity shift


Until I heard this word, I had no way to describe the radical changes that occurred alongside motherhood

How You can Work with Kelly

You can work with Kelly privately on a one-to-one basis, either online or in the Holmfirth studio

You can work with Kelly as part of a group on the FLY Mama membership platform.

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