perinatal loss & trauma

come as you are

You are safe and welcome here

First of all I am so sorry for your loss.

Losing a baby at any stage of pregnancy/postpartum is heartbreaking. The impacts that it can have on your physical, emotional and mental health are huge.

I am here to support you following your experience. To help you navigate a life following loss that often doesn’t make sense; it can feel really unfair and leave you feeling angry, disconnected and lost.

I support you by helping you to feel safe, to manage any triggers, anxiety or panic attacks you maybe experiencing and to help you, slowly and at your own pace, process any feelings feelings you may have, including anger and grief.

I support Women following:

  • All types of miscarriage
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • TMFR
  • Stillbirth
  • NICU experiences
  • SIDs
  • Child loss

Trauma informed healing

be seen, held & heard

We’ll share knowledge

I share the science behind how, as human beings, we look for and need safety. I’ll explain the impact that stress and trauma can have on us. In particular, I examine the impact that trauma has on our nervous system and, as a consequence, your physical, emotional and mental health.

be seen, held & heard

And learn how to heal

I guide you though nervous system exercises and, when it becomes appropriate, trauma informed yoga and breath work sessions. These sessions are tailored for you, to help reduce stress and bring you back towards a regulated nervous system state.

be seen, held & heard

Just come as you are

I provide a safe and calm space for you to land. I listen to you should you want to share your experience (this is not something that you have to do) and I walk alongside you as you heal.

Come as you are. You are safe here.

be seen, held & heard

Supporting you

I help women with complex issues associated with motherhood , fertility, birth and other experiences that may impact on us at this time of our life. I offer one-to-one appointments, either online or in person at my home studio in Holmfirth.

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