Fertility Support

be seen, held & heard

You’re not alone

Trying to conceive is often a stressful and worrying journey. Finding professionals to support you and give you safe advice that you can trust is important.

Every fertility journey is unique. I support women who are trying to conceive by helping them to manage their stress levels. Reducing stress whilst trying to conceive is key and yoga and breath work can play a huge roll in this.

when stress builds up…

I provide you with knowledge of the science of stress and of our somatic and nervous system. I help you to identify the internal and external stress factors in your life and reduce them..

you can manage it with….

You will learn tools and techniques including nervous system regulation exercises, breathing exercises and yoga postures for each stage of your monthly cycle.

and there’s even more…

I’ll send you recorded yoga classes so you can practice, between our sessions, at home during the different stages of your cycle Also, I’ll send you some lovely recordings to help reduce stress and enhance sleep quality.

Kelly delivers her own BRAND of strengthening body positions, a calm environment and infiltrates it all with a good dollop of mindfulness.

be seen, held & heard

Supporting you

I help women with complex issues associated with motherhood , fertility, birth and other experiences that may impact on us at this time of our life. I offer one-to-one appointments, either online or in person at my home studio in Holmfirth.

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