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Together with my amazing colleague, Michelle, I run the FLY Mama online support platform. I’m not exaggerating when I say that we make a unique team.

Offering Both Motherhood Support and Perinatal Trauma & Loss Support, this signature program is my absolute passion.

Our healing “bundles” are delivered to you via both weekly live classes with Kelly or Michelle and via a library of pre-recorded content.

Kelly Thistlethwaite FLY MAMA motherhood coach

Kelly Thistlethwaite

Motherhood Coach

Offering Both Motherhood Support and Perinatal Trauma & Loss Support.

I am a trained specialist instructor in Trauma Informed Yoga and Breath Work and also a Matrescence Coach and Mama Rising™ facilitator.

I am always honoured to accompany women through one of the biggest transformations and identity shifts they will experience when they become a mother.

My work has led me to become fascinated by the effect that trauma has on our physical and emotional wellbeing and am dedicated to supporting women whilst they heal from their perinatal experiences.

Michelle Norton-Hughes


Michelle is a Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in Women’s Pelvic Health. She supports women through their childbearing years, and beyond, to optimise their pelvic and hormonal health.

MIchelle is also a fully qualified clinical pilates instructor and a certified Mummy MOT Practitioner.

MIchelle and Kelly met in 2010 whilst working for the MOD at Headley Court, at the height of the Afghan war. They worked with complex trauma patients and also found time to complete Ironman Traithlons!

FLY MAMA physiotherapy support

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