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The 20 minute discovery call is FREE. My hourly sessions (online or in person) are £50

Yes, either on Zoom or at my Holmfirth UK, studio.

For one-to-one in person sessions I am based in Holmfirth, Yorkshire, UK. However, I am also available on Zoom so, the world’s your oyster, as they say!

You can book with Kelly Thistlethwaite online for either a free 20 minute discovery call here or you can book a 60 minute one-to-one appointment here

Trauma informed healing takes into consideration the effects of high levels of stress and trauma on the body and nervous system. A trauma informed therapist is able to identify signs and symptoms of high levels of stress and trauma (for example when a person is dissociating or anxious) and knows how to facilitate regulation from a place of safety. Find out more on this page

Offering Both Motherhood Support and Perinatal Trauma & Loss Support, this signature program is my absolute passion. Connecting with other mamas in our online membership group, you are guided through the healing process within safe and supportive community. You can find out all about FLY Mama here