Motherhood & Matrescence coaching

MAtrescence Coaching

When you become a mother, a transformation occurs and continues for as long as you hold your children in your heart – forever.

Our society tends to undervalue this transition and it is often ignored or dismissed. Because of this, many mamas feel they are alone when the dreams and visions they had of motherhood are not the reality they are experiencing!

It turns out that this is both the most amazing time and also the hardest. It feels like the biggest contradiction – you love it but sometimes you hate it! And it feels like this is only you; every other mama is living the “instagram” life….not!

Firstly, let me tell you that I understand about that inner split.

It all only began to make sense when I discovered matrescence. Instead of trying to be the “old me” or feeing like a failure for letting go of that “old self,” I could allow myself to become the “new me.”

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The birth of a mama

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Matrescence Coaching

If the term “matrescence” and the concept itself is new to you (believe me, it was new to me too!) then you will be amazed at how things start to make sense as we work through your experience of motherhood from this perspective.

We will arrange a time to sit down together with a brew (yes, I’m a Yorkshire lass and everything is better with a brew – tea!) and talk things through.

I will share the wisdom of matrescence and in my role as an accredited Mama Rising Facilitator, use the teachings of the wonderful Amy Taylor-Kabbaz from Mama Rising™.

You will be seen, held and heard in these coaching sessions. We can work online via Zoom or in person at my Holmfirth studio.

How motherhood creates your new identity

How to come to terms with the “inner split”

How to not feel torn between the roles you have to play

Embrace your new self, changed body and altered relationships

Manage feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and disconnection

Manage feelings of anger or resentment that you “shouldn’t have”

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What is Matrescence?

The complete transformation of a woman as she moves through motherhood

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

There is no end point, it’s always changing and it’s different for every mama.

It’s profound and it’s on many levels. 

The cascade of motherhood leaves no stone unturned. It can affect us on so many levels: physical, emotional, hormonal, social, cultural, economic and spiritual. 

I love the saying that when a child is born, so too is a mother. And both mother and child need time, love and care to land. 

It takes time to learn the ropes. And the truth is… we never stop learning do we mamas. 

We are split in two when we become a mama: the woman we used to be and the mother we have become. This new identity and split can sometimes leave mamas feeling lost. Lost both within and outside of their role as a mother.

 ‘Who am I now that I am a mama?’ is a question that I’ve asked myself before and that used to really scare me. Now it excites me.!

Matrescence really helps us to navigate, connect with and value this inner split and brings us back to feeling whole.  If you can relate to this sense of feeling lost, of this identity shift, of feeling unsettled and confused then you are not alone.

And this work can really help you to understand the transformational process that you are going through mama. The process is one of the greatest gifts on earth.

This is Matrescence

be seen, held & heard

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I help women with complex issues associated with motherhood , fertility, birth and other experiences that may impact on us at this time of our life. I offer one-to-one appointments, either online or in person at my home studio in Holmfirth.

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