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The emotional and physical symptoms we feel at this time are interwoven. They do not exist in isolation.

It is likely that you may have a combination of the symptoms mentioned below, be they emotional, physical or both.

Reducing Anxiety

Having a baby or trying to, can bring with it a host of huge life changing circumstances. It can be an anxious time. You may be anxious about your baby’s health, anxious about leaving your, questioning and overthinking everything.

We all have the capacity to heal, to feel safe, happy and well. We all are worthy and deserving of this.

I help you conquer your anxiety with:

  • nervous system education & regulation
  • increasing your awareness of your body’s signs os stress
  • setting healthy boundaries
  • giving yourself time to heal


Depression can make you feel stuck, low, unmotivated, isolated and disconnected. Because we cant see it, we can feel helpless and out of control. Depression is a state of under arousal within the nervous system, often following high levels of stress.

I help you to understand what is going on from a somatic (body) and nervous system point of view.

  • Improve connection with self and others
  • Increase energy
  • Feel happy
  • Feel alive again

Maternal Anger & Resentment

Anger is one of my favourite emotions to work with, really!! Why? Because once it is released there is so much to gain. Anger is a result of the response of our fight or flight system (the sympathetic nervous system) and it has its uses in that context.

But mothers aren’t supposed to get angry are they? Well, breaking news… they do!! However, it is often suppressed which is when it can start to affect our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

I use yoga and breath work to help you to:

  • notice when anger arises, and what it’s trying to tell you.
  • notice what this emotion feels like in your body and guide you to release it.


The feeling of overwhelm can arise if something feels like it’s too much to handle. And motherhood can certainly produce many instances like that! This feeling might be caused by stress, work, money pressures, responsibility, decisions, bad news, challenging relationships

When we feel ‘ok’ and like we have capacity to take on more stuff, we do. If we lose sight of our needs and don’t check in on how we are coping, we find that we stack, stack, stack and then we crack.

We feel like we cant breathe or carry on. It’s all too much. And often, we freeze. We feel weighed down by it all.

Adrenal Support

Dysregulation and prolonged stress/chronic stress leads to excess cortisol production which can lead to adrenal function impairment and fatigue. Signs and symptoms can include unexplained hair loss, fatigue, brain fog, feeling run down, poor stress response, poor mood regulation, weight gain, decreased libido, craving salty and sweet foods, overuse of caffeine or other stimulants, feeling more alert in the evenings.

I work with clients to tailor a yoga practice which works with the adrenal glands by gently massaging them. The repetitive movements pressurise and depressurise the specific glands and the subtle compression and decompression helps to regulate secretion without putting more stress into the system.

I also guide you through breath work to aid nervous system regulation and reduce stress.

Immune System Support

The immune system is a large network of organs, white blood cells, proteins (antibodies) and chemicals.

It protects us from infection, illness and disease – but chronic stress weakens its function.

Yoga and breath work improve your immune system and lymphatic circulation by pumping your muscles which improves the flow of the lymphatic fluids through your body.

Digestive System Disorders

We are all now much more aware of the connection between our gut and our emotions. Stress causes digestive problems including:

  • IBS
  • Stomach ache
  • Bloating
  • Leaky gut
  • Indigestion/heartburn

Nervous system education and regulation can help you to regulate your system and activate your own healing system.

Tension Headaches & Jaw Pain

All emotions are felt somewhere in the body, and it is common for suppression of emotions or simply too many stressors to cause tension headaches and jaw pain. When anger is suppressed, the jaw clenches, we may grind our teeth, and this can cause headaches as well as pain locally.

I will help you to identify tension in your body and explain the reasons behind it. I will guide you towards being able to release stored tension in your neck, shoulders, jaw and face to help reduce:

  • Discomfort
  • Pain
  • Tension
  • Emotional stress
  • Dental costs!!

Healing Childhood Trauma

The body really does keep the score and experiences that we have at a young age can continue to impact our wellbeing well beyond childhood. I can support you, somatically, following:

  • Abuse (Physical, mental, verbal and sexual)
  • Accidents/operations
  • Loss
  • Controlling parenting/separation of parents

…and other experiences that may have impacted your life.

I can work with you to increase your awareness of your own triggers and nervous system states, and to implement tools to reduce the stress response in your body and aid regulation. Please know that healing is possible. And you deserve to feel happy, confident and empowered.

be seen, held & heard

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I help women with complex issues associated with motherhood , fertility, birth and other experiences that may impact on us at this time of our life. I offer one-to-one appointments, either online or in person at my home studio in Holmfirth.

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