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trauma informed healing

Trauma is a powerful word. In the context of my work it could stem from difficult birth, from pregnancy or babyloss, from fertility struggles and from the realities of motherhood. Emotional manifestations of these traumas could, for example, include post-natal depression, heightened anxiety during pregnancy, heightened anxiety around subsequent births and maternal overwhelm. Physical manifestations could include adrenal fatigue , digestive disorders and headaches.

My healing methods are trauma informed. This means that I understand the toll that high levels of stress and trauma can place on the body and nervous system. It means I am able to identify the signs and symptoms of high level stress and trauma. I understand the impact that your experiences have had on you. I understand how and why the way you think, act and feel has been impacted by your trauma. And, more importantly, I can listen, I can make you feel safe and understood and I can guide you through your healing journey.

be seen, held & heard

be seen, held & heard

Trauma Informed Yoga

Trauma informed healing takes into consideration the effects of high levels of stress and trauma on the body and nervous system. A trauma informed therapist is able to identify signs and symptoms of high levels of stress and trauma (for example when a person is dissociating or anxious) and knows how to facilitate regulation from a place of safety.

Trauma informed yoga is less about the way we perform the poses and more about helping you connect to your mind and body in a way that feels safe and allows you to feel grounded. I have specialist qualifications in trauma informed yoga and will guide through a supportive, grounding experience; we will always take things at your pace, both emotionally and physically.

be seen, held & heard

Trauma Informed breathwork

Breathwork and trauma release are deeply connected. Trauma informed breathwork helps us to deactivate the fight-or-flight response we find ourselves in when we are stressed; it counters the physical and emotional effects of trauma.

Breathwork is one of the most powerful healing tools that I have learned. It is often the key that allows us to fully process and release the stress and trauma in our systems. We begin slowly, starting first with nervous system education and awareness, building a breathwork practice up which enables stored stress to be lifted and processed safely.

be seen, held & heard

nervous system regulation

Our nervous system has two parts: the sympathetic (fight or flight) system and the parasympathetic (relax, rest and digest) system. When you’re nervous system is dysregulated, the sympathetic system dominates. So we are more in the mode of “managing emergencies” which puts the body in a stressful state of high alert.

Your parasympathetic system, which helps you relax, restore and calm down, is unable to do its job effectively. I help you to identify the internal and external stress factors in your life and give you techniques to manage and reduce them.

Kelly combines an inherent interest in whoever she meets with their welfare and individual circumstances and never seeks to be intrusive….the icing on the cake is made up of the words, the thought-provoking statements compelling you to face their meaning, because you know they make sense.

be seen, held & heard

Supporting you

I help women with complex issues associated with motherhood , fertility, birth and other experiences that may impact on us at this time of our life. I offer one-to-one appointments, either online or in person at my home studio in Holmfirth.

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